All meat pies with pastry crust should have a hole left in the top of the crust, or it should be pricked over with a fork, to let the steam escape during the baking, otherwise it is unwholesome. It is with the object of hiding the hole that a pastry ornament is usual at the top of a pie.

Fish Pie. A Cape Dish


Remains of Cold Boiled Fish. 2 Onions fried in butter or fat. Pepper, Salt. Mustard.

Tomato Sauce. Mashed Potatoes.

I EggClear the fish from the bones, and break into little pieces; mix well with the onion, seasoning, butter, tomato sauce, half the egg, and a little of the mashed potatoes; pack in the buttered pie-dish, lay the potatoes on the top, crush with the egg. Bake three-quarters of an hour. Very good.

Macaroni Pie


lb. Macaroni. pint of Milk, I tablespoonful of Butter.

I teaspoonful of Mustard. lb. Grated Cheese. lb. Puff Paste.

Boil a quarter of a pound of macaroni in water till quite soft, then pour off the water; add a cup of milk, a quarter of a pound of grated cheese, butter, and mustard, salt, a pinch of cayenne and white pepper. Let it boil for a minute, then bake in a buttered dish, or one lined with puff paste.

Pigeon Pie


4 Young Pigeons. Pepper, Salt, Gravy.

I glass of Wina. 2 oz. Butter.

Lay a rim of paste round the sides and edges of a pie-dish. After the pigeons are cleaned, halve them; season as you would any other pie; a few slices of ham, some hard-boiled eggs, a cup of good stock or gravy. Cover with puff paste; ornament the top, and stick four of the little feet out of it. Brush over with egg and milk, bake an hour and a half, with a buttered paper if the oven is very hot, over the pie crust to prevent its burning.

(Pigeons at the Cape are very plentiful, and are very good roasted or stewed.)

Steak Pie

Cut a steak into thin slices, sprinkle with parsley, mushroom, and onion; season with pepper and salt, rubbing in the seasoning well on both sides; roll up each slice of beef, put into a saucepan on a layer of bacon, and put in sufficient water to cover the rolls. Simmer gently with the lid on till tender; put into a pie-dish with a layer of hard-boiled eggs, cover with a good crust. Bake in a quick oven for one hour and a half.

Veal Kidney Pie

Mince a couple of veal kidneys with the fat; season with nicely chopped herbs, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, and salt; a little chopped celery may be added; four or five hard-boiled eggs, half a cup of fine bread-crumbs, a wineglass of white wine, and a little stock. Mix all well together, cover with crust. Bake for two hours.