24 lb. of Round of Beef.

3 oz. of Saltpetre.

3 oz. of coarse black Sugar.

1 oz. of Cloves. 1 oz. of Nutmeg. oz. of Allspice.

3 handfuls of coarse Salt.

Pound all the ingredients except the meat finely together; rub into the beef twice a day, turning it each time, for fifteen days; put into a pan so as to be covered with the pickle liquor formed by the salt, etc., and cover the pan with a cloth. The bone must be taken out, and the meat hung for twelve hours to make it tender. When it is to be dressed, dip it into water to take off the loose spice, and bind it round with tape. Put it into a large pot, with a teacupful of water at the bottom; cover the top of the meat with shred suet, a brown crust, and paper over the whole. Bake for five or six hours. The gravy can be kept for flavouring soup or hash. Very good.