Breakfast Gems

Mrs. Brown.

One cup sweet milk, one and a half cups flour, one egg, one teaspoon salt, one teaspoon baking powder; beaten together five minutes ; bake in hot gem pans, in a hot oven about fifteen minutes.

Breakfast Buns

Mrs. J. W. Preston.

Two cups of flour, three-fourths cup of corn meal, three-fourths cup of butter, one-half cup of sugar, two eggs beaten, one cup of milk, three teaspoons baking powder; bake in hot oven twenty minutes.

Quick Sally Lunn

One cup of sugar, one-half a cup of butter; stir well together, and then add one or two eggs ; put in one good pint of sweet milk, and with sufficient flour to make a batter about as stiff as cake; put in three teaspoons of baking powder; bake and eat hot with butter, for tea or breakfast.