Floating Island

Mrs. E. E. Marcy.

One-half package gelatine, one pint of water; soak twenty minutes; add two cups of sugar, set it on the stove to come to a boil; when nearly cold, add the whites of four eggs beaten stiff, the juice and rind of two lemons, and pour into a mould; turn over the form. Make a custard of the yolks of four eggs, a quart of milk, and a small tablespoon of corn starch, sweetened to taste.

Floating Island

From "In the Kitchen" - Mrs. E. S. Miller.

One tumbler of currant jelly, one pint of powdered sugar, five eggs; beat the whites of the eggs very stiff before putting in the jelly; then beat well; add the sugar gradually and beat it perfectly stiff; chill it thoroughly on the ice and serve in a glass dish half filled with cold milk; cover it with the island in spoonfuls standing in peaks. It is to be eaten with cream.

Floating Island Of Fresh Raspberries

Adapted from "In the Kitchen."

Crush a pint of very ripe red raspberries with a gill of sugar; beat the white of four eggs to a stiff froth, and add gradually a gill of powdered sugar; press the raspberries through a strainer to avoid the seeds, and by degrees beat in the juice with the sugar and egg until so stiff that it stands in peaks. Serve as in the above rule.

Apple Float

Mrs. O. L. Parker.

To one quart of apples, partially stewed and well mashed, put the whites of three eggs, well beaten, and four heaping tablespoons of loaf sugar; beat them together for fifteen minutes, and eat with rich milk and nutmeg.

Orange Float

Mrs. M. E. Kedzie, Evanston.

One quart of water, the juice and pulp of two lemons, one coffee cup of sugar; when boiling add to it four tablespoons of corn starch mixed in water; let it boil, stirring it fifteen minutes; when cool, pour it over four or five sliced oranges; over the top spread the beaten whites of three eggs, sweetened, and a few drops of vanilla. Eaten with cream.