Graham Bread

Mrs. B. J. Seward. One pint sweet milk, one-half cup molasses, one tea-spoon saleratus, one teaspoon salt. Mix thin enough to pour.

Old Fashioned Graham Bread

Mrs. Pulsifer.

One teacup of good yeast, one quart of warm water, one teaspoon of salt, two cups sugar, or less, one small teaspoon soda, stir in enough white winter wheat Graham flour to make it stiff enough to drop off the spoon readily, grease your bread pans, put in, and set to rise, let it get quite light, then bake in a moderate oven for three-quarters of an hour.

Graham Bread

Mrs. J. B. Hobbs.

For one loaf, take two cups of white bread sponge, to which add two tablespoons of brown sugar, and Graham flour to make a stiff batter; let it rise, after which add Graham flour sufficient to knead, but not very stiff; then put in the pan to rise and bake.

Graham Bread

Mrs. Ludlam, Evanston.

One cup wheat flour, three cups Graham flour, two tablespoons of molasses, one teaspoon salt, yeast enough to make it rise; mix and put in baking tins at night. It will be ready to bake in the morning.

Graham Bread

Mrs. H. P. Stowell.

Set sponge of fine flour, same as for wheat bread; when sufficiently raised, instead of mixing with fine flour, mix with Graham to the usual consistency; mould with fine flour a little, raise once, then it is ready for the oven. Sweeten with syrup or sugar, if desired, though I think it better without either.