Oysters On The Shell

Wash the shells and put them on hot coals or upon the top of a hot stove, or bake them in a hot oven; open the shells with an oyster knife, taking care to lose none of the liquor, and serve quickly on hot plates, with toast. Oysters may be steamed in the shells, and are excellent eaten in the same manner.

Broiled Oysters

Drain the oysters well and dry them with a napkin. Have ready a griddle hot and well buttered; season the oysters; lay them to griddle and brown them on both sides. Serve them on a hot plate with plenty of butter.

Creamed Oysters

Clara E. Thatcher. To one quart of oysters take one pint of cream or sweet milk; thicken with a little flour, as if for gravy; when cooked, pour in the oysters with liquor; pepper, salt and butter the mixture. Have ready a platter with slices of nicely browned toast, pour creamed oysters on toast and serve hot.

Oysters A La Creme

Mrs. J. B. Lyon, Detroit.

One quart of oysters, one pint of cream; put the oysters in a double kettle, cook until the milk juice begins to flow out; drain the oysters in a colander; put the cream on the same way; when it comes to a boil, thicken with flour wet with milk as thick as corn starch ready to mould; then put in the oysters and cook five minutes. Serve hot on toast.

Panned Oysters

Mrs. J. B. Lyon, Detroit.

Drain the oysters from the liquor; put them in a hot pan or spider; as soon as they begin to curl, add butter, pepper and salt. Serve on toast, or without, if preferred.

Stewed Oysters

Mrs. Andrews.

In all cases, unless shell oysters, wash and drain; mix half a cup of butter and a tablespoon of corn starch; put with the oysters in a porcelain kettle; stir until they boil; add two cups of cream or milk; salt to taste; do not use the liquor of the oysters in either stewing or escaloping.

Escaloped Oysters

Mrs. Andrews.

Butter the dish, (common earthern pie-plates are the best,) cover the bottom of the dish with very fine bread crumbs; add a layer of oysters; season with pepper and salt; alternate the crumbs and oysters until you have three layers; finish with crumbs; cover the top with small pieces of butter; finish around the edge with bread cut into small oblong pieces dipped in butter; bake half an hour; unless shell oysters, wash them thoroughly and strain.