Sour Pickles

"Who peppered the highest was surest to please."

Prepared Mustard

C. D. Adams.

Two tablespoons mustard, one teaspoon sugar, one-half teaspoon salt, boiling water enough to mix it; when cold, add one tablespoon salad oil, and vinegar enough to thin it. This will keep a week or two.

Tomato Catsup

Mrs. Monroe Heath.

Select good ripe tomatoes, scald and strain through a coarse sieve to remove seeds and skins; then add to each gallon when cold, four tablespoons of salt, three of ground mustard, two of black pepper, one of ground allspice, one-half of cloves, one-half of cayenne pepper, and one pint of white wine or cider vinegar; simmer slowly four hours; bottle and cork tight.

Pickled Cucumbers

Mrs. A. P. Wightman. Pick those that are small and of quick growth, wash well and pour boiling water over them with a little salt. Let them stand twelve hours; put them into cold vinegar. To a gallon of vinegar, put one tablespoon of pulverized alum, and a teacup of salt; let them remain in this until your vinegar is full of cucumbers, then scald them in it, and put them into new vinegar. Red peppers improve them.

Oude Sauce

C. Kennicott. One pint green tomatoes, six peppers (not large); four onions, chop together; add one cup salt, and let it stand over night; in the morning, drain off the water; add one cup sugar, one cup horse radish, one tablespoon ground cloves, one tablespoon cinnamon, cover with vinegar, and stew gently all day.

My Mother's Favorite Pickles

Mrs. Savage. One quart raw cabbage chopped fine; one quart boiled beets chopped fine; two cups of sugar, tablespoon of salt, one teaspoon black pepper, one-fourth teaspoon red pepper, one teacup of grated horse radish; cover with cold vinegar, and keep from the air.

French Pickles

H. N. Jenks. One peck of tomatoes sliced, six large onions, some cauliflower (much or little as you prefer); a pint of salt thrown over them at night, the liquor drained off" in the morning; then boil the tomatoes, onions, etc., in two quarts of water, and one quart of vinegar, fifteen or twenty minutes. After boiling, put it in a colander and drain it off; add seven pints of vinegar, two pounds brown sugar, one-half of white mustard seed, two tablespoons of ground allspice, two of cloves, two of ginger, two of cinnamon, two of ground mustard, one-half a tablespoon of cayenne; put all in a kettle and boil fifteen or twenty minutes; stir and be careful not to burn.