Three days ago we espied the 'Mexican,' the mail ship which left a day after us, lying across our bows in the far distance flying the signal 'unmanageable '; great excitement on board - we thought she had broken down, and that we should have to tow her to St. Helena. However, when we got within a mile of her she steamed off on her true course, and we have neve seen her again. The probable explanation is that she had got some small matter wrong with her machinery, and had stopped to put it right. Another excitement - we yesterday passed the homeward-bound mail-boat 'Dunvegan Castle,' but she was two and a half days late. Why ? we can't tell - a possible explanation is that, as the interior mail trains have stopped running, there were delays in getting the letters from all the seaport towns.

Perhaps they delayed her in case she might have been wanted to bring troops from Natal to Cape, or vice versa. We expect to find Capetown crowded with refugees, so much so that it is doubtful whether we can get in at an hotel.S - and I propose trying the new hotel, 'The Gardens,' beyond Government House; we may of course be sent on at once.