Weather turned quite chilly and cool. There is rather a heavy swell, though no breeze to speak of. We have gone back to serge clothes, having been in khaki all the rest of the time. I wish now that I had brought more clothes of all sorts; it is much better to have too much than too little, and no questions were asked as to the amount of baggage we had. I am also afraid that I left my notebooks, that I looked out carefully, behind! However, I think I can replace them somehow. The captain and officers of the ship have invited us all to supper on Wednesday next-very civil of them. I hope the company will bear the expense. I have recently read the 'Convention of '84, London ' - have you ? I never thought we had much right in this affair, and now I am convinced we have absolutely none. I am not surprised we would not consent to arbitration; no impartial person could possibly give it for us. If Lord Derby did not intend to resign all rights of any kind over the Transvaal, he was jolly well taken in by old Kruger and Co.; but one would have thought that anyone could have seen to having what they wanted put down on paper - a clerk in a bank could have done that.