We expect to be in to-morrow afternoon. Weather improved, but quite cool, and last night a tremendous thunderstorm, which is most unusual in these latitudes at this time of year. I read ' Sybil,' by Dizzy, out of the ship's library the other day, and on turning over 'Pot-Pourri' I see you mention it as giving an account of the times. I thought it very interesting, but of course the whole tone is in the fashion of the last generation. The swells talked and thought in a way hardly conceivable at present. I had no idea Dizzy had such liberal ideas. Why didn't he do a bit more ? For instance, he is always jeering at foreign Missions; while home heathen or miserables exist, I should like to see them made a criminal offence. The excitement about news is of course intense. The possibilities are so wide I wonder whether the telegraph will have broken down. I don't think Kruger knows his business if it hasn't. It is just possible we may be in time to catch the in-going mail if she is late, so if this letter ends abruptly and without signature, you will know that I have just sealed it down and chucked it in in time to catch post.