Uric Acid as a Factor in the Causation of Disease,' a contribution to the pathology of high blood-pressure, headache, epilepsy, mental depression, paroxysmal haemoglobinuria, and anaemia, Bright's disease, diabetes, gout, rheumatism, and other disorders, by Alexander Haig, M.A., M.D. Oxon., F.R.C.P., Physician to the Metropolitan Hospital, and the Royal Hospital for Children and Women; late Casualty Physician to St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Fifth edition, with seventy-five illustrations.(Churchill, London.)

In spite of having mentioned this book before, I must re-name it here at the head of these health books, as the more I understand the subject, the more I am convinced that it is one of the most important books on medical science that have ever been given by a doctor to the public.

I am told that it is much disputed here in England, though how it is scientifically disproved I am not able to judge. It has been translated into German, and, with their usual broadmindedness in matters of science, German doctors and scientists are taking a deep and practical interest in Dr. Haig's researches, and are even coming over here to consult him; whereas in England I was lately told by a medical man of high standing and large practice, that' Dr. Haig stood alone in his opinions, which were not shared by a single member of his profession.' Anyone who knows even as much of the matter as I do, knows this to be quite untrue. How far Dr. Haig's book has been seriously considered and answered in his own country I am not in a position to decide, but I do know that I have the names of over a score of doctors who are working on his lines.1

The book is a big one and costs 14s., a sum which may be deterrent to many in these non-bookbuying days. It is hard reading, highly technical, and almost impossible for a lay-mind to read straight through ; but as a book of 'Leaflets of instruction in the best ways of beginning the diet are given by Dr. Haig to his patients, and are to be got by writing for them to A. Haig, Esq., M.D., 7 Brook Street, W. reference it is singularly clear and instructive, the index being so good that any subject can be readily looked up.

Diet and Food in Relation to Strength and Power of Endurance.' Haig. Fourth edition. Seven illustrations.

This book, costing only 2s., has been prepared by Dr. Haig for the general public in order to make plain and easy the A B C of his theory, so that the many sufferers from the diseases he has specially investigated may begin their studies and have an opportunity of being able in time to judge for themselves.

I must again repeat that all hope of real improvement in the standard of health must come through the intelligent experience of the public teaching the doctors.

Even those who already possess the earlier editions of this book I strongly recommend to get this latest one, as it contains valuable additional pages on bread foods - i.e., not only good home-made unadulterated loaves and biscuits, but all the many kinds and combinations of cereal products, such as wheat, barley, oats, maize, rice. There is also an interesting page of dental illustration, which ought to end the old controversy as to man being carnivorous or omnivorous.

One of the most interesting converts to the diet is Mr. Eustace Miles, M.A., the well-known tennis champion and Cambridge coach, who has frankly given to the public his personal experience in 'Muscle, Brain, and Diet,' a book which contains most useful general instruction about food and health, together with some excellent cookery receipts for the simpler diet - one of which I include in my list of cooking receipts, it being in my opinion much too good to be missed. Two other useful volumes for the student of food as the basis of health, are Mr. Miles' 'Failures of Vegetarianism,' which is far more helpful than all the successes I have ever read of, because it warns beginners of the errors they are almost sure to fall into if unguided : and ' Better Food for Boys,' a little Is. number of Messrs. Bell & Sons' ' Life and Light' Series, which brings the subject poignantly home to parents, guardians, and schoolmasters, and by providing a table of food values enables everyone, girls and adults, as well as boys, to calculate the right quantity and kind of food necessary for health - though nothing but personal trial and careful observation and patience will teach each individual the best food for his or her particular constitution and way of life.

Avenues to Health.' - This last of Mr. Miles' books on this subject is, perhaps, the most important of all, for it is brim full of generally interesting information culled from all kinds of sources, old and new, Western and Oriental, as to the best means to attain and maintain the highest physical and psychical health.

My friend, Miss Adela Curtis, writes me the following notice of three useful pamphlets :

When first we opened our bookshop, we got a quantity of little penny books on diet from Mr. Albert Broadbent, of Manchester, and experimented by putting one or two in the window, and about the shop casually among the other books. It may interest you, as much as it amused us, to learn that these little things were picked up, looked into, and bought by all classes of people, whenever we happened to bring them forward. One of these, "Forty Vegetarian Dinners," of which 20,000 have been sold, contains an interesting introduction by the Hon. Mrs. F. J. Bruce, whose testimony as the mother of a large and healthy family, and the head of a household numbering some twenty-two members, is exceptionally valuable, seeing that she has nothing but praise for the system after sixteen years' practice.

Another ofthese dainty pennyworths, nowin its seventeenth thousand, is called "Science in the Daily Meal," and gives carefully proportioned dietaries for sixteen days, as well as helpful advice for curing common ailments, and many remarkable extracts on the evils of modern diet from the works of Professor Atwater, the great American chemist, Dr. R. Williams of the Middlesex Cancer Hospital, Drs. Haig, Bouchard, Boix, Virchow, and Kellogg. This little book has lately been enlarged to a 3d. edition in paper and 6d. in cloth.