These directions are for 1 lb. meat, raw preferred, cold will do. Cut two onions and one apple in thin slices from top to bottom, fry them in a good lot of butter in a china-lined frypan till they are golden brown, drain them quite dry from the butter, and put them into a Nottingham jar (the round, flat shape with lid is the best). Put the butter back into the frypan, cut your meat into large dice (no fat or skin), fry the meat till it is brown, drain it from the butter, and put it into the jar with the apple and onions.

Put the butter back into the frypan, mix one dessertspoonful of Mrs. Atkinson's curry powder smoothly with it, and add two tablespoonfuls of stock ; boil it for half a minute, and then empty into the jar with the other things, and stir well with a wooden spoon kept on purpose. Stand it on the hob and let it simmer slowly for six hours, stirring occasionally. The great secret is the slow cooking. Should it get too dry, add a little more stock or milk. Taste the curry, as some meat absorbs more powder than others; if not flavoured strongly enough, add a little more powder just before serving. A little fine-grated cocoa-nut added is a great improvement. Serve with rice and chutney.

The above curry powder and chutney are to be got wholesale at 13 Church Street, Windsor, or retail at any of the London stores. I never eat these things myself now, but I am told this kind is exceedingly good, and I give the receipt for the many who like curried vegetables.