To every pound of flour allow half-pint milk and water (quarter-pint each). Mix lightly as for pastry, no kneading being required. Form into small rolls or fingers and bake in moderate oven on a pastry tray.

If wheatmeal (i.e., the flour of the entire wheat grain) is used, care should be taken to have it very finely ground, as bran flakes are irritant and relaxing and very unsafe in some forms of digestive trouble, though equally good and useful in others. The indiscriminate recommendation of cracked wheat porridge and whole-meal bread is hardly wise in these days of gastro-intestinal delicacy, as seen in the many cases of appendicitis in adults and colitis in children. House-mothers should know when to give the right food to those in their charge.

It is a good plan to keep in the house several different grains, such as wheat, barley, maize, oats, rice, in two forms - i.e., in the whole grain and as flour - and to make bread or biscuits of both mixed. For instance, pearled wheat, or the grain stripped of its outer bran, should be cooked slowly for three or four hours in a double pan with water enough to swell it without breaking the grain into a mash; this cooked wheat is then mixed with ordinary wheat flour to the consistency of bread or pastry, and is shortened if liked with cocoanut butter, or ground nuts, and left plain, or sweetened and flavoured with dried fruit, spices, &c, and rolled out and cut for baking into biscuits or finger rolls. The same method can be followed with all the other cereals except maize which in the whole grain is too hard in this country. Maize meal mixed with wheat flour is very good in biscuit form, but is best cooked first, as if for polenta without the savoury seasoning. All these whole and ground cereals can be got from Bax & Sons, millers, 35 Bishopsgate Street Without, E.C.The whole groats (the entire oat grain) are particularly good for porridge, but should, like all grains, be cooked several hours in a Gourmet boiler, or duplex boilerette, or other form of double saucepan which prevents burning. The duplex boilerette is made by Mr. Wellbank, Duplex Boilerette Works, Banbury, Oxon.