Take a pint of hominy, put cold water over it, stir, and let it settle; then pour off the water. Do this twice; then put it into a tin pudding-pan or pail, in three pints of water to soak over night. In the morning set the pail into a kettle of boiling water; add a little salt; stir it often. If it becomes so thick as not to stir easily, add more water. It should be just thick enough, when done, to settle down almost smooth soon, in a deep dish. Fine hominy will cook in two hours; the coarse requires three. Very nice eaten warm with milk.

To fry it for breakfast, slice it about half an inch thick, and lay it on a griddle greased with nice beef-drippings or butter. It will require about fifteen minutes to brown both sides. The coarse does not fry as nicely as the fine.