To Poach Eggs in Milk

Butter the dish in which the eggs are to be poached. Put into it the milk and a little salt, let heat almost to boiling, but do not burn. Break eggs separately into a cup and slip gently into the milk to avoid breaking the yolks. When done, lift onto previously prepared toast (buttered) and pour milk over all.

Scrambled Eggs No. 1

Break into a dish the desired number of eggs, and beat until well mixed, but not light. Put in a basin one table-spoonful of boiling water or hot milk for each egg. Pour the water into the eggs, pour slowly, and stir constantly. When mixed, put into a spider one teaspoonful of bacon fat for each egg, and when this becomes very hot, pour the egg mixture in, and stir all the time as it heats, keeping it well broken. When of a creamy consistency, season and serve.

Scrambled Eggs No. 2.

Beat one whole egg well. Make a white sauce by using one-half tablespoonful of flour to one-fourth cup of milk, cook together until it thickens, then pour it over the beaten egg and mix well; turn this into a hot omelet pan, which has been greased with one-fourth teaspoonful of butter. With a spoon scrape the egg mixture from the bottom of the omelet pan as it cooks. Just before removing from the fire, dust with salt and pepper if desired. Do not cook too rapidly.

Curried Eggs

Make a sauce of chicken stock and cream or of milk alone, using one tablespoonful of flour and one of butter to one and one-half cups of liquid. Season with salt and pep-per and one teaspoonful of curry-powder. Remove the shells of six hard-boiled eggs, cut in halves or slices, and place them in a deep buttered saucepan. Pour the sauce over them, simmer three minutes, and serve on delicately browned toast.

Or, when the curry sauce is boiling hot, drop raw eggs into it, cover, and let set on the back of the stove four or five minutes. Serve on toast.

Baked Eggs

Grease the sides and bottom of the baking dish or spider. Into this carefully slip the eggs one at a time from the small dish into which they were broken. Put on the the top of each egg a small piece of butter, and sprinkle over them pepper and salt.

Or, sprinkle over the eggs buttered and seasoned bread crumbs. Bake in a slow oven five minutes, or until cooked as desired. More than five minutes will bake them hard. Minced ham may be used with the bread crumbs, if desired.

Eggs Baked in Tomato Caps

Select medium-sized, firm, ripe tomatoes. Wash and wipe dry. Cut off a slice from the blossom end of each tomato and scoop out the inside. When as many are pre-pared as desired, dust the inside of the cup with seasoned bread crumbs. Break into each cup an egg, replace the slice cut from the tomato, set in a dripping pan, and bake twenty minutes in a slow oven. Serve hot.

Baked Eggs in Potato Nests

Line a baking dish, or escollop shells, with cold mashed potato put through a ricer. The potato should be at least one inch in thickness. With a fork or spoon make a nest for the egg in the potato. Carefully drop the egg into this, cover with seasoned bread crumbs, and bake in a moderate oven seven minutes if the eggs are desired soft Serve in the dish in which they are baked.