Beat together three eggs until well broken and mixed. Then pour over them, stirring constantly and pouring slowly, one pint of sweet milk, boiling hot, add three tablespoonfuls of granulated sugar, let cool, stir in some flour, then, if cooled to 75° F., add one cake of com-pressed yeast, mixed with a little water, and one level teaspoonful of salt. Now stir in flour enough to make a dough stiff enough that it may be kneaded, with care, put into a buttered bowl, and let rise three hours. The temperature should be 75° F. After rising three hours, work in one-half cup of butter, knead, and set to rise for two or three hours, or until light. Then make into buns, let rise one hour, and bake.

Parker House Rolls

Heat one pint of sweet milk to 75° F., then stir in one tablespoonful of sugar and one level teaspoonful of salt and a little flour; add one cake of compressed yeast mixed with a little cold water, knead in flour until of the consistency of bread dough, have the temperature 750 F., and let rise three hours, when it should be doubled in size. Then put in one tablespoonful of butter, mix well, let rise again; when light, roll on the board until one-half inch thick, then lift from the board and let shrink back all it will, and cut with a round or oval cutter. Press the thumb across the middle, and fold over like a turnover, having first brushed the edges with butter. Let rise one hour, and bake.

Loaf Cake

For two cakes, take from the bread dough, when perfectly light and ready for the last moulding, three cups of dough, to which add two cups of white sugar, one cup of butter, two well-beaten eggs, one cup of chopped raisins, one teaspoonful of cinnamon, and a half teaspoonful of soda. Place the dough with other ingredients in an earthen bowl, and work with the hands until it becomes quite soft, then place in a well-buttered baking dish lined with white paper. Bake one and one-half hours in a slow oven.

Coffee Cake

Take some bun dough and roll until about one inch thick, spread with butter, sprinkle bountifully with sugar and powdered cinnamon, let rise two and one-half hours, then bake in an oven a little cooler than for bread, and, when nearly done, dot with cooked fruit or jelly, or dust generously with sugar and powdered cinnamon, and dot with butter.

Bun Cake

Use bun dough as on page no, and when it has risen the second time roll about half an inch thick. Spread one-half thinly with melted butter, and sprinkle lightly with English currants and raisins chopped and seeded. Fold over, let rise and bake same as coffee cake.