Fruit Cake - Mrs. Preston

Four cups of flour, two cups of sugar, two cups of butter, one cup of sweet milk, five eggs, four cups of raisins, two cups of currants, one cup of citron, one teaspoonful of soda, two teaspoonfuls of cream of tartar. Flavor to taste. Put together as butter cake. Roll fruit in flour before adding. Bake three hours.

Fig Cake

One cup of sugar, one-fourth cup of butter, one egg, well beaten, one cup of water, two cups of flour, two level teaspoonfuls of baking powder, one teaspoonful of extract.' Cream the butter with part of the sugar, then beat the rest into the egg after it has been beaten until light. Mix the flour and water with creamed butter and sugar, using them alternately, stir in the egg and extract, and lastly the baking powder in a small amount of flour. Bake in a moderately hot cake oven. This makes two layers an inch or more thick. Use any filling desired.

Fig Filling

Cut up one-half pound of figs and one-half pound of raisins (seeded), and cook together in boiling water. Blanch one-half pound of almonds, and hash very fine. Mix with the cooked figs and raisins. Sweeten and flavor. If too stiff, add a little more water, and spread between the layers.

Pound Cake

Wash and squeeze in a napkin half a pound of butter. Beat it with the hand until it is quite creamy, then add one-half a pound of sugar. Beat until it is very white and light, then add one egg, and beat until incorporated thoroughly, then add another, and beat, so continue until five eggs have been used. Take great care that each egg is completely incorporated before the next is added. This requires from three to five minutes beating each egg, and on sufficient beating the success of the cake depends. When the eggs, sugar, and butter are a thick yellow mass, add gradually a cupful of fruit juice and one-fourth of a cup of rose water. Mix well together, then sift into this one-half a pound of flour, to which one-eighth of a tea-spoonful of salt has been added. When the flour is well mixed, put into a cake pan with straight (upright) sides, with buttered paper neatly fitted in it, sift powdered sugar over the surface. Bake the cake one and one-half hours in a very slow oven. It should have a cover laid over the top for the first hour. This may then be removed, and the cake allowed to brown slowly. In turning, be most careful not to shake or jar the cake. Lady Fingers.

One teaspoonful of extract of lemon, three eggs, one-half cup of sugar (scant), one-half cup of flour, grated rind of half a lemon. Beat the yolks until thick and lemon-colored, then add the flavoring; thoroughly mix the sugar and flour, and stir into the beaten yolks. Beat the whites very stiff. Fold the whites and yolks together carefully by pouring the yolks on the whites, and folding just enough to mix well, - too much will ruin it. The oven must be of such a heat as will turn a paper yellow in five minutes. If the oven is too hot, the cakes will fall. Line the baking pans with paper, and dust with sugar and flour in equal parts. Use pastry bag with a tube one-half inch in diameter.

In forming the lady fingers, bring to bear little pressure at first, and increase it toward the end. Let there be no delay in getting it into the oven.