Peach Jelly

Gelatine same as for strawberry jelly, one cup of peach juice, one cup of cold water, one tablespoonful of caramel, one teaspoonful of almond extract. Sweeten to taste. Put together same as lemon jelly, and set away to cool.

Peaches in Jelly

Prepare gelatine same as for strawberry jelly. Select perfectly ripe freestone peaches, pare, and stone. Lay in the mold with the split side up. When the gelatine is as thick as honey, pour it over them, and set away to harden. Serve with whipped cream.

Raspberries in Jelly

Put large, nice raspberries in the mold, and pour over them a gelatine (made with a phosphate gelatine, same as for strawberry jelly, except use raspberry juice), when it is of the consistency of honey, let cool, and serve with cream.

Coffee Jelly

Use one cup of coffee of the same strength as for drinking, sweetened to taste, and one level teaspoonful of granulated, unphosphated gelatine, soaked in one-fourth cup of cold water for half an hour. Pour the hot coffee over it, strain, put to cool, and serve with whipped cream.

Coffee Cream

When the coffee jelly thickens, beat well, then beat into it one-third of a cup of whipped cream, put into molds, let harden, and serve.

Lemon Jelly - For Home Work

Grate the yellow rind of one lemon, and steep ten minutes in one cup of boiling water. Soak one-fourth of a box of phosphated gelatine in one-half a cup of cold water until soft, then strain the cup of hot water from the grated rind on the gelatine (fill from the teakettle to make one cup if the water has evaporated), add one-fourth cup of lemon juice, and one-half a cup of sugar. Stir until gelatine and sugar are dissolved, and strain.

Pour into a dish wet in cold water, and put to cool in a cold place, but do not allow to freeze.

Lemon Jelly - For Class Work

One level teaspoonful of gelatine (soaked in one table-spoonful of cold water), one-fourth cup of hot water, two level tablespoonfuls of sugar, one tablespoonful of lemon juice and a few drops of lemon extract. Dissolve the gelatine and the sugar in the hot water. Add the lemon juice. Strain into mold, and set in a cold place to harden. May dissolve the gelatine by setting the cup containing it in hot water and stirring, and add the water cold. It will thus harden much more quickly.

Orange Jelly

Soak one-fourth of a box of gelatine in one-fourth of a cup of cold water until soft. Grate the yellow rind of one orange and steep it ten minutes in one-half cup of hot water (pour in water, if it has evaporated, until there is half a cup) and strain it over the softened gelatine. Add one-half a cup of granulated sugar, and stir until dissolved, then pour into it the juice of half a lemon and one cup of orange juice, and strain through a cloth. Put to cool on ice, but do not allow to freeze. Serve on cold plates. May use one teaspoonful of orange or lemon extract instead of the grated peel. In that case use cold instead of hot water in making the gelatine, and dissolve by setting soaked gelatine in hot water and stirring.