Orange Pudding

Make same as snow pudding, using orange instead of lemon juice, and flavor with orange extract.

Grape Pudding

Make same as snow pudding, except use grape instead of lemon juice. Needs no flavoring.

Charlotte Russe

Soak one and one-half tablespoonfuls of unphosphated gelatine in four tablespoonfuls of cold water. Pour one pint of boiling milk on three beaten egg yolks, return to the stove, and cook until you do not taste raw egg. Add one and one-half tablespoonfuls of gelatine, one teaspoon-ful of vanilla or lemon, beat thoroughly. Fold in three-fourths of a cup or more of whipped cream, and three egg whites, beaten stiff, with four tablespoonfuls of sugar added to them. Pour into a mold lined with sponge cake or lady fingers.

Chocolate Cream

Make chocolate cream in the same way, except add melted chocolate to the mixture while hot, and use two eggs instead of three.

Ginger Cream - For Home Work

Make ginger cream in the same way as charlotte russe, using four tablespoonfuls of chopped ginger instead of vanilla.

Ginger Cream - For Class Work

One heaping tablespoonful of ginger, cut fine, one dessert spoon of syrup of the preserved ginger, one egg yolk, well beaten, two-thirds of a cup of cream. Cook cream, ginger, and well-beaten egg together, then strain on the gelatine. Set in ice water, and, when cool, beat until white. Use two teaspoonfuls of unphosphated gelatine, and soak in two tablespoonfuls of cold water until soft.

A Delicate Dessert

Two teaspoonfuls of unphosphated granulated gelatine soaked in two tablespoonfuls of cold water, one teaspoon-ful flour, one teaspoonful water, one cup milk. Cook the water, flour and milk together five minutes, and pour over a well-beaten egg yolk. Cook until it coats the spoon. When cool, add the soaked gelatine. When very slightly stiffened, beat in the well-beaten white of the egg. Flavor with vanilla or preserved ginger. Serve with whipped cream.

Milk Charlotte - Class Work

One level teaspoonful of unphosphated gelatine, one ta-blespoonful of cold milk, three tablespoonfuls of hot milk, two level tablespoonfuls of sugar, one-half saltspoonful of flavoring (one saltspoonful equals one-eighth of a tea-spoonful), one cup of whipped cream, or one-half a cup of beaten white of egg and one-half a cup of cream. Soak the gelatine in the cold milk until soft, then pour the hot milk over it, stir until dissolved, and strain. Add the sugar and the flavoring. Let cool until thick as honey, then beat until white, and add the whipped cream, or the beaten egg white.

Milk Charlotte - Home Rule

For home work double the Class Rule.

Macedoine Gelatine Pudding

Phosphated gelatine, one-half box (more in summer); water, three cups; oranges, two; bananas, three; lemons, two; dates, ten; walnuts, fifteen; sugar, two cups. Soak the gelatine in one cup of cold water until soft. Pour a pint of boiling water over it, and stir, add the juice of the lemons, and strain. Wet a mold, and pour in gelatine to cover the bottom about half an inch thick. When it thickens, slice in a little of each kind of fruit, and pour some gelatine over it. When the gelatine is thick, put on the chopped nuts and dates, and pour some of the remaining gelatine over it, and let harden. Then slice on the remainder of the fruit, and pour on the rest of the gelatine. Set away to harden. Serve with whipped cream.