All dried vegetables should be looked over, washed, and put to soak in cold water, and left until they absorb all the water they will, or at least for several hours, then cooked in the water in which soaked. Some prefer to throw away the water in which dried vegetables are soaked, and thus have a milder flavor. Such treatment takes away a portion of the food value, and whether it is advisable to do so each person must decide for herself.

Dessicated beans or shredded string beans are sometimes included in army supplies.

Some vegetables, as string beans, cucumbers, and cabbage, may be preserved in salt or in vinegar for winter use.

Bean Pot and Brown Bread Tins

Bean Pot and Brown Bread Tins

String beans preserved in salt will keep for months, but they undergo a change similar to that produced in cabbage when sauerkraut is made. They are much used by some people, and are no doubt a good thing, as they add one more vegetable to the winter diet.

White Beans in Cream

Look over the desired quantity of dry beans, wash, and put to soak in cold water to cover them. Let stand over night, or for several hours, until they have absorbed all the water they will take; then put to cook, using the water in which they have soaked, and adding enough boiling water to cover. For each pint of beans used add half a tablespoonful of salt, and one level tablespoonful of sugar. Set the bean jar in the oven and cover. Let the beans cook until soft, but not dark. When done, make a white sauce by using one tablespoonful of butter and one of flour to each cup of milk (as directed for making White Sauce No. 1). When the sauce is smooth, season to taste, and pour over the beans.

Stewed Beans

Proceed in same way as for white beans in cream, except cook a piece of salt pork with the beans. Let water nearly all cook out, season, and serve.

Baked Beans

Beans one pint. Soak over night in plenty of cold water, and put to cook in cold water enough to cover the beans. Add one-half tablespoonful of salt, and one-fourth of a teaspoonful of soda. When boiling, drain off the water, and in the bottom of the bean jar put one-fourth of a pound of salt pork, scored, two level tablespoonfuls of sugar, and one-half scant tablespoonful of salt. Put beans into the jar, cover them with hot water, cook in a slow oven for ten, twelve, or fifteen hours.

Prepare and bake lentils same as beans.

Lentil Pudding

Prepare the lentils, and soak as before, then slowly steam them until done. Cook a piece of salt pork with them for seasoning, or season with butter.