Ginger Sherbet

Two cups of orange juice, three tablespoonfuls lemon juice, one cup granulated sugar, one cup of water. Flavor with ginger. Equal parts of juice and water may be used. Cook the sugar and water together five minutes, then add the other ingredients, and freeze as any sherbet.

Lemon Punch

Juice of six large lemons and one orange. Grated rind of one lemon. Measure the fruit juice, and add nearly an equal amount of water and one pint of sugar. Put over the fire and let boil ten minutes, then set aside to cool; when cold, pack in freezer. Put over the fire the grated lemon rind, one cup of water, and one-half, a cup of sugar. Boil to the soft-balling stage, then strain, and pour boiling hot in a small stream over the beaten whites of three eggs, pouring slowly, and beating as in making boiled icing. Continue the beating until the mixture is nearly cold. Freeze the liquid in the freezer to the consistency of a half-frozen ice, put the meringue in, and turn the freezer until thoroughly mixed. Serve in cups, same as sherbet.

W. C. T. U. Punch

Three teaspoonfuls of Ceylon tea, steeped, cooled and strained, one quart boiling water, one block ice five inches square, juice of four lemons, juice of one orange, one and one-half cups of sugar, one quart of Apollinaris water, one box of strawberries. Put the ice in the punch bowl, mix all the ingredients, and pour on the ice. Let stand an hour, and serve.

Macedoine Punch

One pint of hot water, pour over the grated yellow rind of one lemon and one pound of sugar and boil five minutes, strain and while still hot slice into it two medium-sized bananas or three large peaches (canned peaches may be used and put in when cold). Add a cup of grated pineapple (either fresh or canned) and one pint of canned cherries. When ready to serve add the juice of seven lemons and two oranges. Put a large block of ice in the center of the punch bowl, add two quarts of water and let stand two hours in a cool place. At the last moment add a few fine strawberries. This will serve twenty-five or thirty people.

Strawberry Granite

Mash the strawberries, and squeeze the juice out through a cloth. Mix water with the pulp, and squeeze again. Use equal amounts of the pure juice and the liquid from washing the pulp. Stir in sugar until it is.a little sweeter than you would want to drink, as all frozen dishes taste less sweet after than before freezing. Add the juice of one lemon. Pour into the freezer, let stand several hours, loosening from the sides and stirring often enough to prevent freezing in large lumps, but do not beat enough to make smooth.

Frozen Rice Pudding

One-half cup of rice, six cups of whole milk, three-fourths of a cup of sugar. Wash the rice, put it to cook in the milk, and set it on the back of the range, where it will cook slowly until the rice is perfectly soft. Then strain through a sieve. Add the sugar, and stir well. Then add one-fourth as much cream as there is of the strained rice, flavor, and finish as the plain ice cream. The milk should be evaporated to the consistency of cream when the rice is strained.

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