Crabapple and Plum Jelly

Use equal parts of plums and crabapples, and proceed as in making plain crabapple jelly. It makes a better jelly than either fruit alone.

High-Bush Cranberry and Apple Jelly

Cranberry, one part (one cup), one-half cup water, cook until cranberries can be easily crushed. Apple, four parts (four cups), one cup water, cook until thoroughly done. Strain together, cook juice eight minutes after it begins to boil. Add heated sugar, same amount as juice, and cook two minutes after beginning to boil.

Cranberry and Grape Jelly

Cranberries, one part, grapes, two parts. Cook same as cranberry and apple. Strain together, and cook juice eight minutes. Add sugar same amount as juice. Cook one minute after beginning to boil.

Grape and Apple Jelly

Use equal parts of grape and apple juice and proceed as for any other jelly.

Apple and Red Raspberry Jelly

Use one-third as much red raspberry juice as apple juice and proceed as for any jelly.

Fruit Juices and Syrups

A plentiful supply of fruit juices and syrups should be put up at canning time for use in desserts, creams, and ices when fresh fruit cannot be had. To make fruit juices of grapes, strawberries, raspberries, or currants, measure the prepared fruit, and put to cook in about one-fourth as much water as there is fruit. Cook and strain the fruit as for jelly. Put the juice over the fire, let boil rapidly for five minutes after it begins to boil, put into hot sterilized jars, filling them brimming full, and seal.

Fruit Syrup

Make in exactly the same way as fruit juice, except boil twenty minutes, and add an equal amount of sugar five minutes before removing from the fire. If there is not water enough, the syrup may in some cases jell.

Grape Juice

Five pounds concord grapes picked from the stems. Cook in a porcelain lined preserving kettle, having put over them three pints of cold water. When sufficiently cooked; strain the juice through a bag made of cheesecloth. Add one pound of granulated sugar. Bring the juice thus prepared to a boil, bottle, and seal.