Baking Powder Piecrust

Baking powder, one-fourth teaspoonful; salt, one-eighth teaspoonful; fat, one-third cup; flour, one and one-quarter cups. Mix dry ingredients with the flour. Rub fat into flour. Mix with one-half cup (scant) of cold water. Cut in two parts, and roll each piece separately.

Flaky Piecrust - For Home Work

Use six ounces of butter (three-fourths of a cup), and one-half pound of flour (two cups) for one pie with two crusts, and one pie with a single crust. Have all the ingredients and utensils to be used cold as possible. Set them on ice for a while before preparing the pastry, then place the butter and flour in chopping bowl, and chop until the butter is in pieces about the size of a pea. Pour in ice water a little at a time, using only enough to make the dough stick together. Mix with a fork by pulling particles aside as moistened, and add water to dry flour each time, put on the molding board, roll three times, folding each time with a knife, and turning half round each time.

For simple flaky piecrust, use two cups of flour and one-half cup of butter (in piecrust one-half butter and one-half lard may be used if desired).

Flaky Piecrust - For Class Work

Two level tablespoonfuls of fat, one-half cup of flour, two level tablespoonfuls of ice water, one saltspoonful of salt. Put together as above.

Custard Pie - For Class Work

Put one tablespoonful of beaten egg in a bowl, add to this the sugar (one tablespoonful), and the flavoring. Pour the milk (one cup) into it, and stir well. Turn the custard into the crust and bake in a moderate oven, until a knife, if thrust into the center of the pie, comes out clean.

Custard Pie - Home Work

Three eggs, three tablespoonfuls of sugar, one-fourth teaspoonful of salt, three and a half cups of sweet milk. Flavor with nutmeg. Put together and bake same as above.

Pastry - For One Pie Crust

One-half cup of flour, two level tablespoonfuls of fat, two tablespoonfuls cold water, one-fourth teaspoonful of salt. Rub fat and flour together with a fork or a limber knife. Add the water a little at a time, pulling the dough to one side as the flour is wet, and adding water to dry flour each time. Use as little water as will make the dough adhere.

Pastry - With Baking Powder

Make same as above, except sift one-fourth teaspoonful baking powder with the flour before rubbing fat into it.

Pastry - For Class Work

One-fourth cup of flour, one saltspoonful of baking powder, one-eighth teaspoonful salt; one level tablespoon-ful fat (if baking powder is used leave out half the fat), one tablespoonful cold water.

Cream Pie - Hot-Water Crust

One-half cup of flour, one tablespoonful of lard, one tablespoonful of butter, two tablespoonfuls of boiling water. Rub fat and flour together, and mix with boilings water.

Filling for Cream Pie

One cup of milk, one level tablespoonful of sugar, one small egg yolk, four tablespoonfuls of flour, two table-spoonfuls of butter. Heat butter and flour together. After they are well mixed, pour on the milk, and cook. Pour this over the beaten egg yolk, sweeten, and flavor. Pour this into the crust, which is baked. Cover the top-with a meringue made from the egg white.