Yolk Custard - Class Rule

One large egg yolk, one tablespoonful of flour, one-half cup of water, one tablespoonful of sugar. Make and bake same as directed in home rule. Caramel Pudding.

Use four eggs to a pint of milk, and make same as above. Coat the sides of the dish with thick caramel, pour the custard in, and bake gently. Turn out, and allow the caramel to run over the pudding as a sauce. Caramel Pudding with Water.

Four egg yolks, or two whole eggs, one cup of water, one heaping or two level tablespoonfuls of cornstarch. Sugar and salt to taste. Cook cornstarch and water together, and, when cooled a little, mix with the beaten eggs. Coat the sides of the dish with caramel, pour the custard in, and bake slowly. Turn out and serve, allowing the caramel to run over the pudding as a sauce. Cornstarch Pudding - For Home Work.

Use one quart of milk, four rounding or eight level ta-blespoonfuls of cornstarch, a pinch of salt, and one-half a cup of sugar. Heat the milk to boiling point, and stir in the sugar, salt, and cornstarch, mixed together. When cooked sufficiently, turn over the beaten whites of two eggs, and stir in. To make it yellow, use the yolks of the eggs. To make it pink, use the whites of the eggs and some strawberry juice. Serve cold with or without cream. Cornstarch Pudding-Class Work.

One cup of milk, two level tablespoonfuls of cornstarch, one level tablespoonful of sugar, a pinch of salt, four drops of flavoring, one egg yolk, or one egg white, if the white pudding is desired. Cook the milk, cornstarch and sugar together, and pour over the beaten egg while still hot.

Rennet Pudding

One pint of sweet milk (whole), one level tablespoon-ful of sugar, one mustard spoon or one-fourth of a tea-spoonful of liquid rennet, flavoring, two drops. Heat milk to 900 F., then add the rennet, flavoring and sugar, Set in warm water until it begins to stiffen, then in a cool place. If left too long in the warm water, the curd and whey will tend to separate when turned on the dish to serve. For this reason it is better to give it constant attention until it is ready to set away.

Rice Pudding - For Home Work

Rice, one measure; milk, nine measures; sugar, three-fourths of a measure; salt, one-fourth of a teaspoonful. Put all together in a baking dish, and bake slowly until it is of a rich, creamy consistency, or, better, let stand on the back of the stove or range, and slowly evaporate the milk. Stir the scum under as it forms.

Rice Pudding - For Class Work

Rice, one tablespoonful, sugar three teaspoonfuls, speck of salt, milk, a generous three-fourths of a cup.

Snow Pudding

Take one measure of rice to three of liquid, and cook in the usual way. Turn into a pudding dish, and pour over the top the following cream: White of one large or two small eggs, beaten stiff, two tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar, and one teaspoonful of lemon essence, and last, six teaspoonfuls of sweet cream. Mix the sugar and essence carefully with the beaten whites, and spread over the rice. Set in the oven until the meringue hardens, then remove from oven, and dot over top with lumps of jelly. Serve either hot or cold.