Steamed Fruit Bread

Two cups of graham flour or whole wheat flour, one cup of milk (if sweet, use two generous teaspoonfuls of baking powder; if sour, use half a teaspoonful of soda). Measure out half a cup of English currants which have been previously cleaned and dried. Seed and chop half a cup of raisins. Take out half, a cup of the flour, and mix soda or baking powder thoroughly with it. Mix all the chopped fruit well with the other flour. Put one level teaspoonful of salt into the milk in the mixing bowl, and stir the flour, with fruit in it, into this; then add the flour containing soda or baking powder. Pour the mixture into a greased pudding mold, and steam three hours. Do not allow to be moved during the first hour that it cooks. Have the water boiling when the mold is put in, and do not allow to stop boiling during the time of cooking.

Nut Loaf Cake

Put into a mixing bowl one cup of liquid, half milk and half water; add to this, half a cake of compressed yeast, mixed with two tablespoonfuls of cold water and half a teaspoonful of salt. Stir white flour into this until a batter is formed, and beat well. Knead whole wheat flour into this until it ceases to adhere to hands or board. Put it into a greased bowl, grease over the top, and let rise' three hours, keeping it at just lukewarm temperature, or, better, use a thermometer, and keep it at 75° F. until ready to bake. At the end of three hours it should be double its original bulk. Knead into it one tablespoonful of lard and one of butter and one of sugar. Knead until smooth (keeping it in the bowl), and add one cup of chopped English walnut or pecan meats. Make into loaf same as bread. Let rise until light, and bake.

Left-Over Salad

One cup of plain boiled potatoes cut in thin slices, one-half cup of salmon torn in small pieces and freed from objectionable parts, one-half cup of hard-boiled eggs diced. Put potato, egg, and fish into a mixing bowl, and with two silver forks mix thoroughly together carefully, that they remain unbroken. Measure one cup of cooked salad dressing (page 284), and put it into one teaspoonful of mixed seasoning No. 3 (page 286). Stir until well mixed, and dress the salad with it. Let stand one hour in a cool place, that the flavors may blend; then serve on cold plates and on lettuce leaves.

Eggs in Rice Nest

Fill an escallop shell with cold boiled rice, making it lie up light by lifting with a fork. Make a nest in the center with a spoon or knife. Into this drop an egg, being careful not to break the yolk. Sprinkle with seasoned bread crumbs, and bake in a slow oven until the egg is cooked as desired. When removed from the oven, season with salt and pepper, and serve on the shell.

Codfish Balls (from Left-Overs.)

Put cold mashed potatoes into a bowl, and add one chopped hard-boiled egg to each cup, if you have it, otherwise the potatoes alone. Add to the potatoes a sufficient amount of left-over creamed codfish to moisten so that it can be formed into cakes. Make into cakes, and saute in bacon fat or good drippings. The balls may be made quite moist if dusted with fine bread crumbs.