Plain White Beans in Cream

Look over the desired quantity of dry beans, wash, and put to soak in cold water to cover them. Let stand over night, or for several hours, until they have absorbed all the water they will take; then put to cook, using the water in which they have soaked, and adding enough boiling water to cover. For each pint of beans used add half a tablespoonful of salt, and one level tablespoonful of sugar. Set the bean jar in the oven and cover. Let the beans cook until soft, but not dark. When done, make a white sauce by using one tablespoonful of water and one of flour to each cup of milk (as directed for making white sauce for cabbage). When the sauce is smooth, season to taste, and pour over the beans.

Plain Salsify or Vegetable Oysters

Wash the roots clean, and remove rootlets. Scrape the thin skin off, and keep in vinegar water, as they discolor very readily. Cut into bits, and cook one and one-half hours in boiling salted water. Keep just enough water to prevent burning. Season same as peas. Salt, pepper, and cream give best results, but it is good served with White Sauce Without Butter, for cabbage.

Creamed Potatoes No. 1 (Without Butter)

Cut cold boiled potatoes in thin slices. Put into the spider, and pour enough whole milk into a bowl to cover the potatoes. Season the milk with salt and pepper, using each to taste a little, but remember that they will taste more after milk evaporates, and do not use too much. Pour the seasoned milk over the potatoes, place spider where the milk will be hot enough to evaporate without the necessity of stirring to prevent burning, because stirring mushes potatoes. Set an asbestos mat under spider when milk is hot, and allow to cook until the milk which remains has the consistency of cream. Serve at the same meal with boiled eggs.

Creamed Potatoes No. 2 (Without Butter)

Cut cold boiled potatoes in thin slices. Put one cup of sweet milk in a saucepan, and set on range. Stir together in a teacup two tablespoonfuls (level) of flour and a little less of water, and when milk boils pour this mixture slowly into it, stirring constantly to prevent lumping. Season to taste with salt and pepper, and, after it has cooked a little, pour over the potatoes in spider. Let boil, and serve.

Creamed Turnips (Without Butter)

Pare tender fine-flavored turnips, cut in dice. Wash and steam, or boil in little water. When tender and the water practically all evaporated (if boiled), make a sauce in the following manner: Put one cup of milk in a saucepan over the fire. Stir together in a cup one table-spoonful of flour and a little less of cold water, and when the milk boils stir this into it, pouring slowly and stirring constantly. Continue to stir until it has boiled a few minutes, remove from fire, season, and pour over the turnips; let boil, and serve.

To Cook Peas Dry

Shell and wash fresh green peas. Put to cook in plenty of water. Cook until tender, then allow the remaining water to evaporate. When all has evaporated except three or four tablespoonfuls, season the peas with salt, pepper, and butter; cover, and allow them to cook five or ten minutes, lifting the saucepan occasionally, and shaking, to better mix the seasoning with the peas.