Sauted Hash Balls

One cup of hashed meat, one cup of mashed potato, one egg, whipped. Season to taste. Form into balls, and saute in a little fat.

To Saute Ham

Cut the slices very thin, trim off the rind, and a small shaving, all around the slices. Lay the pieces on a dry but smoking-hot spider, and brown on each side, then put in a very little water, cover closely, and let simmer a few minutes to cook through. Drain off the fat before serving.

To Saute Fish

Prepare the fish for cooking, cut into pieces suitable for serving, season with salt and pepper, roll in flour and cornmeal, - equal parts, put into the hot fat, and brown quickly on both sides, then draw to a cooler part of range and let cook through.

To Saute Fish Cakes

After the codfish has been soaked, shredded, freed from skin and bones, and cooked, if necessary, mix with an equal amount of potato, either mashed or hashed fine, and to a pint of the mixture add two tablespoonfuls of sweet cream or milk, and one tablespoonful of butter. Form into cakes, put into a spider with a little hot fat, and brown on both sides. Use any good-flavored drippings for the frying fat for these.

To Saute Liver

Calf's liver is the best. Remove the inedible parts and cut the liver into slices half an inch thick, put into a pan, pour boiling water over them, drain, season each slice, cover with flour, and saute in bacon fat until done through. Bacon and liver are appropriately cooked and served together.

To Saute Liver Balls

One cup of cold liver, minced fine; one tablespoonful of cold bacon, chopped; one teaspoonful of finely-minced parsley, one teaspoonful of finely-minced capers, one tea-spoonful of finely-minced pickles, one-half teaspoonful of finely-minced onion, salt and pepper to taste. Saute in bacon fat.

Cold Meat Scrapple

Make a cornmeal mush by using one and one-half cups of water, one-fourth cup of cornmeal and one-half teaspoonful of salt. Cook the mush about twenty minutes, then stir in three-fourths of a cup of fine hashed meat, cook ten minutes, turn into a granite pan. When cold and firm, cut in slices and saute like mush. Serve while hot.

To Saute Eggs

Put two tablespoonfuls of ham or bacon fat in the spider, break the number of eggs required, and slide from the plate into spider, let cook a few minutes, then put in two tablespoonfuls of water, cover closely, and let cook until the white is set.

To Saute Veal Chops

Trim the chops so that they will lay flat on the spider, season them to taste with salt and pepper, sprinkle over them half as much sugar as salt, and dredge with flour. Put two tablespoonfuls of butter and two of beef drippings into the spider, and when smoking hot lay the chops in and brown them on both sides. Then add one-fourth of a cup of water, cover closely, and let cook slowly for fifteen or twenty minutes, uncover, let the water evaporate, and serve. Pork and veal are considered more wholesome when very thoroughly cooked.