Freshly baked bread is not as healthy as bread that is a day or more old. In the case of dyspeptics, doctors first of all forbid fresh bread and insist upon the patient eating bread a day or two old.

In addition to being better for you physically, yesterday's bread is better for your pocketbook, for it does not cost as much as to - day's bread.

Every Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned.

Here is one way to improve your health and that of your family and at the same time save money.

As a people, we have more or less formed the habit of eating white bread only and do not realize that other breads, such as whole - wheat, rye, and whole-corn-meal bread are extremely palatable and much more nutritious. In fact, by using whole-wheat flour or whole-corn - meal you get 30% more nourishment from the same amount of flour.

While it is important that grown people should use whole - wheat, rye, or whole-corn-meal bread instead of white bread, it is still more important for children. White bread is not good for growing children, for white flour does not contain the lime or other mineral salts necessary to build up bones and teeth. In addition to this, whole - wheat flour prevents constipation and adds to the general health.

We should use whole-wheat flour and whole-corn-meal instead of white flour, not only because they are more nutritious but because of the waste that can be saved. In milling white flour only 73% of the wheat is used, while in milling whole-wheat flour 85% of the wheat is used. You can see for yourself that if people would use whole wheat bread in place of white bread the wheat that is now wasted would be saved. This would increase the bread supply of this country by nearly 9%.

In view of the present food crisis you should resolve to do your share toward saving the waste that now takes place. Here is your opportunity to help correct one of the nation's extremely wasteful habits and, while doing so, help yourself.

Because of our large shipments to Europe our supply of wheat is extremely low at the present time and the help of every housewife is required to make our present supply cover the needs of Europe as well as this country. By using whole-wheat bread, rye bread, corn bread, rice bread and rolled-oats bread in place of white bread :

You will be giving your family a nourishing bread;

You will be helping your country to correct one of its wasteful habits;

You will be helping to feed your own countrymen;

You will be helping to feed Europe;

You will be learning now an economy that you will be obliged to adopt before many years go by.

Here is your opportunity to do something For Your Country; For Your Family; For Yourself -