Herring Salad

Soak over night three Holland Herrings, cut in small pieces. Cook and peel eight medium potatoes and when cold chop with two small cooked red beets, two onions, three hard - boiled eggs; mix with a sauce of sweet-oil, vinegar, stock, pepper and mustard to taste.

Fish Salad

Any cold boiled or baked fish may be made into salad, allowing one head of lettuce and a half - pint of mayonnaise or salad cream to every pint of the picked fish. Any cold left-over vegetables may be added to the salad.

Salad Cream For Fish Salads

One-half tablespoon salt, one-half tablespoon mustard, three-quarters tablespoon sugar, one egg slightly beaten, two and one-half tablespoons melted butter, three-quarters cup milk, and one-fourth cup vinegar. Mix ingredients in order given, adding vinegar very slowly. Cook over boiling water, stirring constantly until mixture thickens, strain and cool.