Any fresh fruit that has become soft should be cooked at once with a little sugar added, to make a sauce, or it can be made into jelly.

Any left-over canned fruit may be rubbed through a sieve and used for a sauce. It may be put into ice cream or molded into a corn-starch or rice mixture.

Apple parings and cores should be stewed to a pulp and then strained. This will make a jelly, which, spread on apple tart, will greatly improve it. It can also be used for flavoring tapioca pudding.

Orange peel and lemon peel may be used for flavoring sauces and stewed fruits. They can be dried and kept in a glass-covered jar until used.

Fruit Sauce (Made From Fresh Fruit That Is Slightly Softened)

Cook the fruit with a little sugar until the juice flows freely. Then beat some powdered sugar, the fruit juice and pieces of fruit together. Whip the white of an egg very light, and add to the beaten fruit and sugar, or add fruit gradually to the unbeaten egg white and beat for some minutes.

Apricot, Pear Or Peach Sauce (from left-over canned fruit). Beat some powdered sugar, fruit juice and the pieces of left-over canned fruit together. Add fruit gradually to an unbeaten egg white and beat for some minutes; or whip the white of egg very light and add to beaten fruit and sugar. Sauce made in the first way will last longer.

Corn - Starch Pudding With Fruit

1 pint of milk

4 tablespoons corn-starch mixed with a little cold water 1/2 cup sugar

1 well - beaten egg 3/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup chopped cooked peaches, apricots or pears

1 teaspoon vanilla

Scald milk; then stir in corn-starch mixed with a little cold water, and cook five minutes in double boiler. Place upper part of double boiler on fire, let corn-starch boil, return boiler to place, add sugar, egg and salt beaten together, and cook two minutes, stirring continually. Flavor with vanilla, add fruit, and pour into mold. Chill and serve with sugar and cream. An excellent way of using up small amounts of canned fruits.