This vegetable is a variety of the cabbage, but instead of the reserve nutritive matter of the plant being stored largely in the leaves or flowers, it is collected in the stem, which forms a turniplike enlargement just above the ground. Kohlrabi is fine flavored and delicate, if cooked when very young and tender. It should be used when it has a diameter of not more than 2 or 3 inches. As it grows large it becomes tough and fibrous.

Boiled Kohlrabi

Wash and pare the vegetables, then cut in thin slices. Put into slightly salted boiling water and boil, with the cover partially off the stew-pan, until the vegetable is tender. This will take from thirty to fifty minutes. Pour off the water and season with butter or drippings, salt, and pepper.

Kohlrabi may be boiled with pork in the same way as cabbage.

The cold boiled vegetable may be served as a salad.