This vegetable, because of its pronounced taste, is probably not so generally liked as are most of the other roots. It is at its best in the early spring, when it has been in the ground all winter.

The simplest method of cooking the parsnip is to wash it clean, boil it, and then scrape off the skin. Now cut in slices and put in the. vegetable dish. Season with salt and butter or drippings When the parsnips are tender and just out of the ground they will cook in thirty - five minutes; when old it takes from forty to fifty minutes to cook them. The cooked and peeled parsnips may be chopped rather coarse, seasoned with salt, and put into a stew-pan with hot milk enough to cover them. Place the stew-pan on the range where the heat is moderate.

For a pint and a half of parsnips beat together one tablespoon of butter or drippings and one teaspoon of flour. Stir into the parsnips and milk. Simmer for ten minutes. Parsnips are often cut in slices after boiling and fried in butter or drippings.