Pea Timbales. Drain and rinse one can peas, and rub through a sieve. To one cup pea pulp add two beaten eggs, two tablespoons melted butter or drippings, two-thirds teaspoon salt, one-eighth teaspoon pepper, few grains cayenne, and a few drops onion juice. Turn into greased moulds, set in pan of hot water, cover with greased paper, and bake until firm. Serve with one cup white sauce to which is added one-third cup canned peas drained, rinsed and cooked slowly for fifteen minutes.

Creamed Peas

2 cups of boiled peas 3/4 cup white sauce

Cook the peas; add them to the white sauce and then cook gently for about two minutes. If left-over peas are used, heat slightly before adding to the white sauce.

Spring Salad

Cold cooked green peas Cold boiled potatoes

Cut potatoes into dice. Mix peas and potatoes together with mayonnaise dressing, then serve on lettuce leaves.