The various varieties of the summer squash are generally cooked when so small and tender that the thumb nail can pierce the rind easily.

To prepare for the table wash the squash, cut into small pieces, and either cook in boiling water or steam it. It will cook in boiling water in half an hour. It takes about an hour to cook it in the steamer. The cooked squash is mashed fine and seasoned with salt, pepper, and butter or butter substitute. This method gives a delicate flavored but rather watery dish.

Summer squash is very palatable cut in slices and fried like eggplant.

From the more mature squash remove the thin skin and seeds. Cut the squash in small pieces and put in a stew-pan with boiling water enough to cover. Boil for half an hour. Drain, mash, and season with salt, pepper, and butter or butter substitute.

Cook winter squash in the same manner. Squash is one of the vegetables that require a good deal of butter or butter substitute.