This vegetable is generally spoiled by overcooking. The flat, white summer turnip, when sliced, will cook in thirty minutes. If the cooking is prolonged beyond this time, the vegetable begins to deteriorate, growing dark in color and strong in flavor. The winter turnips require from forty - five to sixty minutes.

Boiled Turnips

Have the turnips peeled and sliced. Drop the slices into a stew-pan with boiling water enough to cover generously. Cook until tender, then drain well. They are now ready to mash or chop. If they are to be served mashed, put them back in the stew - pan ; mash with a wooden vegetable masher, as metal is apt to impart an unpleasant taste. Season with salt, butter or drippings, and a little pepper. Serve at once.

Hashed Turnips

Chop the drained turnips into rather large pieces. Return to the stew - pan, and for a pint and a half of turnips add a teaspoon of salt, one-fourth of a teaspoon of pepper, a tablespoon of butter or drippings and four tablespoons of water. Cook over a very hot fire until the turnips have absorbed all the seasonings. Serve at once. Or the salt, pepper, butter or drippings, and a tablespoon of flour may be added to the hashed turnips; then the stew-pan may be placed over the hot fire and shaken frequently to toss up the turnips. When the turnips have been cooking five minutes in this manner add half a pint of meat stock or of milk and cook ten minutes,