Cleaning The Fire-Box

1. Close all the dampers except the oven dampers.

2. Brush the ashes from the edge of the fire-box into the fire-box, and put the lid on.

3. Turn the grate over, so as to dump the ashes into the ash-pan. (If there is an ash-sifter in the range, the ashes will fall upon this, and must afterward be sifted through it into the pan.)

Laying The Fire

4. Lay the fire: a. Fill the fire-box one-third full of shaving or wisps of paper twisted in the middle so as to expose a large surface to the air.

b. On these lay small sticks of soft wood or "kindling." c. Put two shovelfuls of coal on top of the wood.

The fuel should be arranged loosely in order that the air may have free passage through it.

5. Cover the top of the range. Open all the dampers except the check damper.

Starting The Fire

6. Light the fire by applying a lighted match between the bars of the grate to the paper or shavings inside. (If the stove is to be blackened, do it now.)

7. When the wood is all ablaze, add coal until the fire-box is level full. (As the wood burns away the coal will settle. The fire-box should never be kept more than three-fourths full.)

What To Do When The Fire Is Well Started

8. When the blue flame disappears, close the oven dampers, and half close the draft slide. When the coal is burning well, close the draft slide entirely, and half close the pipe damper.