My late position as Principal of the Eustace Miles School of Cookery for four years has resulted in numerous and oft-repeated requests from pupils for a Non-Flesh Cookery Book-hence this publication.

For nine years my husband and I have been abstainers from flesh-foods. During this time we have devoted our attention to forming new combinations of these foods, with special reference to their nutritive value, digestibility, tastiness, and dainty dishing up.

The measure of success that has attended our efforts is shown by the fact that we have been awarded three gold, six silver, and four bronze medals, and numerous diplomas, for Non-Flesh Cookery, at the Food and Cookery Exhibitions at the Royal Horticultural Hall, by judges who are among the best chefs in the world. Also we have been, and are, catering for and pleasing thousands of a public, well known to be critical, at Blatch's Restaurant, 50 Casrion Street, E.C. and elsewhere.

These 101 Best Recipes, in addition to making tasty, nourishing and economical dishes, are particularly suited for use by those contemplating a change of diet.

Proprietary articles, not being necessary, are almost entirely absent from my Recipes, with the exception of Marmite (which I have always found an excellent flavouring element) and Nutter Suet ( which is quite free from water).

I have endeavoured to word my Recipes as dearly and simply as possible, in the hope that the amateur cook, as well as the professional, will be able to work from them without difficulty. As a rule the recipes in this book are intended to provide for four persons.

Margaret Blatch