No. 217. Stewed French Plums

1 pound French plums. 6 or 8 lumps of sugar.


Wash the plums by placing them in a sieve or strainer and pouring hot water over them; then place them in a stewpan, cover with water, and boil very gently for half an hour; drop in the sugar and simmer for another half hour. When done, remove the lid and stand the stewpan on one side for the plums to cool. Pile them in a glass dish, and pour the syrup over.

No. 220. Early Rhubarb Stewed

5 or 6 large sticks of rhubarb. 30 lumps sugar.

1/2 ounce butter. 1 gill milk.

Dissolve the sugar in the milk, then add the butter and rhubarb cut up. Stew gently over a moderate heat until tender.

No. 221. Strawberries In Syrup

1 pound strawberries. 1 pound cherries.

1/2 pound loaf sugar. 1 pint water.

Pound the cherries in a mortar, crushing as many of the stones as possible. Place them with the water and sugar in a stewpan, and boil one hour without the lid. Strain the syrup into a small stewpan, and reduce until it commences to thicken, then place in the strawberries (first removing the stalks), and shake them so that they become coated with the syrup. Lift them out into a glass dish, reduce the syrup again until it becomes quite thick, pour over the strawberries, and allow to get quite cold.