No. 119. Vegetable Marrow With Potato Balls

1 vegetable marrow. 10 or 12 floury potatoes.

1 egg.

1 1/2 ounces butter. Pepper and salt.

Peel the potatoes, boil until tender, strain, and dry them well. Mash with a large fork, add pepper and salt to taste, half an ounce of butter and the yolk of egg, beat the white to a stiff froth and add last. Form the potatoes into niceshaped balls about the size of a small orange, and place them in a baking tin in which one ounce of butter has been dissolved, brush them over with a little of the butter, and brown in the oven. In the meantime, boil the vegetable marrow whole until tender (from half to three-quarters of an hour), when done, peel it, cut it into slices about one and a half inches thick, remove the seeds, lay the pieces in a dish, and place in the oven for a few-minutes to dry off; then sprinkle a little pepper and salt over, and place a ball of potato in the centre of each piece of marrow. Pour tomato or other sauce over, and serve.

No. 120. Vegetable Marrow Rings With Tomato Batter

1 medium - sized vegetable marrow. 8 ounces tomato pulp. 1 egg.

1 tablespoon flour.

2 ounces butter. 1 gill milk.

A little pepper and salt.

Peel the vegetable marrow, cut it into even rings about three-quarters of an inch thick, and remove the seeds neatly (this is best done by the aid of a pastry cutter). Dissolve the butter in a baking tin, place the rings in, sprinkle a little salt on them, and bake in a hot oven for half an hour, then turn them over and bake another half hour. Meanwhile prepare the batter as follows:- take half a pound of cooked tomato pulp, as dry as possible, and chop it well; add pepper and salt if not already seasoned. Make a batter with the egg, flour and milk, add the tomato pulp, and stir all well together.

When the rings of marrow have been cooking one hour, remove from the oven, fill up the centres with the batter, replace in the oven, and bake another half hour.

Tomato sauce No. 179 should be served with this dish, which can be specially recommended.

No. 121. Vegetable Marrow Stuffed

1 medium-sized vegetable marrow. 4 ounces semolina.

1 pint water.

2 eggs.

1 onion.

1 teaspoon sweet herbs.

1 teaspoon salt.

1 teaspoon pepper.

2 ounces butter.

After washing the marrow, cut off one end and scoop out all the seeds. Place in a saucepan the butter, semolina, onion chopped fine, sweet herbs, salt, pepper, and water; boil for fifteen minutes, then stand on one side to cool slightly; add the eggs beaten up, stuff the marrow with the mixture, and tie on the end. Grease a baking dish or tin with the remainder of the butter, and place in it the marrow. Bake for two hours, or until quite tender, basting frequently and turning it occasionally.

Note. - A suitable sauce for this dish may be made by boiling the seeds in half a pint of water with a little salt, then strain and thicken with half ounce each of flour and butter. A sprig of mint may be used for flavouring. After dishing up the marrow, turn the sauce into the tin to brown, and pour through a strainer over the marrow.

No. 122. Vegetable Marrow Stuffed. Another Way

1 medium - sized vegetable marrow. 3 ounces bread crumbs. 2 onions.

1 ounce butter. 1/2 teaspoon salt. 1/4 teaspoon pepper. A little sage.

Slice and fry the onions in the butter until they are a nice brown, then chop them very fine, mix with the other ingredients, and proceed as already described in No. 121.