No. 178. Tomato Sauce

1 pound tomatoes.

1 carrot.

1 turnip.

1 onion.

A few peppercorns.

1/4 pint water. 1/2 teaspoon salt. 2 ounces butter. 1 ounce flour.

Scald and peel the tomatoes, and slice them (or half a pint of tinned tomato juice may be used); also slice the carrot, turnip and onion, and fry altogether in one and a half ounces of butter for ten minutes. Add water, peppercorns and salt, and stew gently for half an hour. Strain into a small enamelled saucepan, put in the flour and half an ounce of butter mixed together, and stir over a moderate heat until it boils.

No. 179. Tomato Sauce

Another way.

1/2 pint tomato juice. 1 small onion. 1/2 teaspoon salt.

6 peppercorns. 1 ounce flour. 1 ounce butter.

Slice the onion, and boil it in the tomato juice with the peppercorns and salt for one hour; strain. Mix the flour and butter on a plate with a knife; when thoroughly incorporated, place in the tomato juice and stir until it boils.

No. 180. Tomato And Haricot Bean Sauce

1 pint soaked haricot beans.

1 onion.

Tomato liquor.

The seeds of vegetable marrow, if handy, or any odd pieces of vegetable.

1 ounce flour. 1 ounce butter. 1 1/2 pints water. 3/4 teaspoon salt.

Boil altogether for about two hours; strain, rubbing the beans through a sieve with a wooden spoon. Add to this an equal quantity of cooked tomato liquor, which is already seasoned with butter, pepper and salt. Thicken with the paste of flour and butter, stirring over the fire until it boils. Be sure that the sauce is sufficiently seasoned before sending to table.

No. 181. Tomato Sauce Piquante

1 1/2 pounds tomatoes. 3 middling-sized apples. 2 small onions.

1/2 gill vinegar.

1 gill water.

Pepper and salt to taste.

Slice the tomatoes, onions, and apples into a small stewpan, add water and vinegar and a little pepper and salt, simmer gently until tender, rub through a hair sieve, re-warm and serve.

Note. - Should the liquor boil away too soon, a little more water may be added as required.