In the summer cook shelled Lima or other beans until tender. Add corn which has been cut from the cob, boil 10-15 m., pour in a little heavy cream, heat but do not boil; add more salt if necessary. Succotash is one of the dishes which calls for cream. Just a few spoonfuls is all that is required for a large quantity of succotash, but that little perfects it.

Corn and beans may be cooked separately, combined and seasoned. All sorts of corn and all sorts of beans may be combined with great satisfaction, but the richest and most delightful of all is nice dried corn (the yellow sweet corn is best) and dry common white beans. Raw nut butter cooked to a cream is good with the dry bean succotash.

Dried and Hulled Corn

A very near relative (which some prefer) to succotash is the combination of dried and hulled corn; 2 parts dried and 1 part hulled corn, finished with cream the same as succotash.