Cabbage-Plain Boiled

Trim cabbage and if not very crisp let stand in cold or ice water I hr. or over night. Drain, cut into sixths, eighths or any number of pieces 1 - 1 1/2 in. across the broadest part. Lay in sufficient boiling salted water to cover; let come to the boiling point and set back on the stove where it will simmer gently 1/2 - 3/4 of an hour, until tender only, and still perfectly white. Drain and lay on to hot dish with pieces overlapping. Serve at once.

Until one has tried it, he will not know how delightfully sweet this cabbage is, perfectly plain, eaten slowly with Brazil nuts, filberts, almonds or English walnuts. It may be served with olive oil or lemon juice, or with both together or with sauce 16, 34 or 57, or with the sour cream or sour milk salad dressing without cooling. Use two eggs in dressing when serving warm.

If cooked until it begins to turn dark, cabbage will have a strong flavor and will be indigestible.

To Parboil - Put at first into a large quantity of unsalted boiling water, cook 15m., drain carefully, sprinkle with salt, pour boiling water over and proceed as above.

My Mother's Cabbage, or Cabbage in Cream

Shave crisp cabbage fine, cook in boiling salted water 20-30 m., until just tender and still white. Drain, pour in cream, heat to almost boiling, serve.

For Sour Cabbage - Add a little lemon juice instead of or with cream and more salt if necessary.

Cabbage in Tomato

Prepare cabbage as in preceding recipe, cook for 20 m., drain, add stewed tomatoes (not too juicy, they may be strained if preferred) with salt and cook until cabbage is tender. This is an unusually fine combination and very suitable to accompany a hearty nut meat dish such as broiled trumese. A little cream may be added just before serving, but the dish is complete without it.

Cabbage and Corn

Heat together 2 parts of stewed cabbage and 1 part of corn with cream, nut or dairy.

Sweet Sour Cabbage

1 qt. fine shaved cabbage 3/4 cup water

2 tablespns. oil or butter

1 level teaspn. salt

1/4 cup sugar

1/2 teaspn. caraway seeds

1/4 cup lemon juice

Cook cabbage in water 15-20 m., then add the other ingredients and simmer slowly until the cabbage is tender.

Cabbage with Nuts and Raisins Season stewed cabbage with cream-cocoanut, almond or dairy, or with butter; add stewed raisins and sprinkle chopped nuts over just before serving. May garnish with halves of nuts.