Stewed Bananas

Slice bananas, stew with a little sugar water and a trifle of ground or crushed anise seed tied in a piece of cheese cloth. Prunes may be flavored the same.

Bananas In Butter

Simmer bananas in butter in an aluminum or agate frying pan covered, on the top of the stove where it is not too hot. They will not be browned but simply stewed.

Bananas And Raisins

Cook raisins in a broad flat pan in water for an hour. Slice bananas over, cover and cook 10 m.

Baked Crumbed Bananas

Roll peeled bananas in fine granella, cracker or zwieback crumbs mixed with sugar. Bake in moderate oven till just tender. Serve at once.

Bananas Baked With Tomatoes

Put a thin layer of stewed or sliced tomatoes in the bottom of a baking pan. Cover with bananas sliced crosswise. Bake.