Served with nuts, nut wafers or popped corn, are very refreshing often, for luncheon or supper.

And when something must be served in the evening, those not too tart, may be served with cocoanut crisps, pastry in fancy shapes, cookies or sponge cakes and nuts.

Fruit soups are served hot, in cups, and cold or slightly frozen, in glasses.

Sea moss, sago or tapioca (1/3 to 1/2 cup sago and 1/4 to 1/3 cup tapioca to each 3 pts. of soup) make the most suitable foundations for them.

Honey instead of cane sugar may be used to sweeten.

The white of egg beaten, sweetened a trifle and flavored delicately with rose, lemon or orange may be put on to each cup in roses with a pastry tube or dropped on by teaspoonfuls.

Whipped cream may be used with some.

Berries, pieces of orange or slices of banana are sometimes served in the soup.

Odds and ends of sauces can be utilized, and in the summer, all sorts of fresh fruits.

Thin slices of Brazil nuts, crisp toasted almonds, English walnuts, pecans or hickory nuts are suitable accompaniments.

Raisin and Almond Broth-small quantity

Stew 1 tablespn. raisins cut fine, in 1 cup of water 1/2 to 1 hour. Add 2 teaspns. almond butter stirred smooth with 2 tablespns. of water, a trifle of salt and a little sugar if desired or allowed.

Blueberry and Cocoanut Soup

Steep grated cocoanut in rich blueberry juice in a not too hot place for 20 m. Strain. Add sugar as required and a little lemon juice if necessary, with or without dairy cream. Serve cold with sponge cake or cookies. Rich cocoanut milk may be used instead of grated cocoanut.

Tomato and Raisin Soup

1 cup seeded raisins; stew7 till tender. Drain and add to the liquid, water to make 1 1/2 cup, 1 1/2 cup strained tomato, salt, 4 tablespns. cream with 2 teaspns. sugar.

Scandinavian Fruit Soup

1/2 cup sago 1/2 cup stewed raisins

5 cups water 1/2 cup tart fruit juice

1 cup cooked primes in pieces 1/2 - 1 cup sugar

Soak sago in 1 cup warm water, add the quart of water boiling.

with salt, and cook until sago is transparent. Add other ingredients, heat, serve.

Dried peaches, apricots or apples may be used sometimes. Grape, currant or cranberry are suitable juices.

Grape Juice Cream Soup

1 pt. water 2 tablespns. finely-sliced citron

1 cup Concord grape juice 2 tablespns. sugar

4 tablespns. raisins 1/2 cup cream 4 tablespns. currants

Stew raisins, currants and citron together, add other ingredients, heat, serve.

Excellent without cream.