This is the list of soups, made from left-overs, for which people most often ask our recipes.

They are from a small institution, with a family of from twenty-five to thirty members.

The cream is usually a little from the top of the can, but it gives the finishing touch.

The ingredients are usually heated together and put through the colander.

No. 1-Seashore chowder with fine trumese and nutmese, and onion and tomato stew.

No. 2-Nut and tomato bisque, with remains of above, put through colander.

No. 3-Asparagus on toast put through colander; milk, consomme, a trifle of tomato,-oyster flavor.

No. 4-Consomme, strainings from consomme, chick peas, trumese and gravy from trumese pie.

No. 5-Cream of asparagus soup, dry Lima beans and dried corn succotash, consomme, baked beans, green peas, milk and cream.

No. 6-Baked beans, Lima beans, cream of peas soup, milk.

No. 7-Strainings from consomme, put through colander, thin cream, tomato.

No 8-Left-overs from above, string beans, lentils, milk; thickened a little.

No. 9-Consommé of nut butter instead of stock, lentils, water, cream.

No. 10-Left-over from above, tomato, creamed onions.

No. 11-Consommé, spinach water, carrots, onions, garlic, tomato, chopped parsley.

No. 12-Left-over from above, baked beans, skimmed milk.

No. 13-Carrot water, onions, garlic, tomato, browned flour, beans, bay leaf. This tasted like beans with tomato sauce.

No. 14-Corn chowder, peas and tomato soup, pilau, milk and water.

No. 15-Baked beans, string beans, milk and cream.

No. 16-Cream of peas soup, lentil, spinach water, tomato, a little consomme.