Brazil nut butter on bread or crackers; sliced, crisp celery between.


Thin slices of tomato between slices of bread spread with improved mayonnaise dressing. A little chopped onion sometimes.


Substitute cucumber for tomato in above.


Improved-Flavor with onion, chives, parsley, fresh thyme or tarragon, or combinations of same and spread on bread or crackers.


Slice fine, let stand in ice water 1/2 hour or more, changing water 2 or 3 times. Drain and dry in clean towel and place with parsley leaves between slices of bread spread with mayonnaise dressing, or nut or dairy butter or salted oil.

Carrot and Celery, or Onion

Grated raw carrot and fine sliced celery or onion, French or mayonnaise dressing.


Place blossoms in bottom of tureen, lay on loaf of bread from which the crusts have been trimmed and cover with blossoms. Cover and set in cool place for 12 hours or longer. Wrap butter in cheese cloth and put into another dish the same way. These sandwiches are simply bread and butter. Mignonnette, violets, nasturtiums, rose leaves or any highly scented flowers or leaves may be used.

Brown and White

Lay together three slices of buttered white bread and two of graham or rye, alternating. Set in cold place with gentle pressure for an hour or more. Slice to serve.

Sweet-Better than Cake

- Spread crackers or thin universal biscuit with butter and honey. English walnuts, raisins, sugar, white of egg, vanilla; put between crackers and heat in oven. Brazil nuts, pecans or almonds, with figs or dates.

- Orange pulp, shredded mint, sugar, sweet dressing or whipped cream.

- Grated or desiccated cocoanut, moistened with cream, with sliced or ground dates, figs or raisins and vanilla.

- Equal quantities chopped dates and raisins; grape juice to moisten.

- Almond butter, sugar or not, vanilla, ground or fine sliced citron.

- Butternuts or nut butter, date, fig or raisin pulp, crackers or pastry wafers.

- Thin slices of banana between slices of bread spread with cream and honey mixed, with or without a few chopped nuts. Sponge cake instead of bread, sometimes.

- Quince jelly, chopped hickory or pecan nut meats.

- Boston brown bread, raisins or dates, English walnuts or pecans, cocoanut cream or Brazil nut butter, or no butter.

- Pastry crust, prick with fork, cut in any desired shape, bake; spread with chopped almonds mixed with peach marmalade or any desired sweet or jelly and put two pieces together.

- Rolled - Plain or scented bread and butter.

- Figs steamed, ground, cream and vanilla.

- Roll buttered bread from corner over slender stalks of crisp celery. The small inside stalks are preferable. Turn the leaf ends of the stalks so that they will show at each end of the roll. A lengthwise strip of cucumber may be substituted for the celery, and parsley used for garnish.