Since chestnuts are so largely composed of starch though they also contain a large proportion of albuminoids, from 8.5 to 14.6 according to different authorities, we allow them to follow vegetables while not classing them with them. One writer says "they might have been included among the bread stuffs. ' London vegetarians often serve a tureen of plain boiled chestnuts in place of potatoes.

The recipes are for the large imported chestnuts. The smaller native ones require a longer time for cooking. The dried chestnuts which we sometimes find in the stores require 3 hours for boiling.

To Shell and Blanch Chestnuts

Boil whole chestnuts rapidly for 10 m. Leave in the hot water, shell and remove the brown covering while warm.

Boiled Chestnuts

Cook blanched chestnuts in salted water until just tender, 10-20 m, drain, serve plain or with sauce 14, 16 or 17. Or, boil whole for 25 m. and serve in the shells.

Chestnut Purée

Mash boiled chestnuts, add salt, and cream or milk and butter. Beat well, heat in double boiler, serve in center of platter surrounded by nut meat cutlets or croquettes which in turn are garnished with boiled small onions, Brussels sprouts or flowerets of cauliflower suitably seasoned; or purée may be served with globe artichokes, green peas, stewed cucumbers or mashed dry green peas.

Roasted Chestnuts

Make at right angles small incisions at the point of the chestnut. Bake 10-20 m. in a rather hot oven, stirring occasionally, or put into a corn popper and shake over the coals.

Chestnut and Banana Salad with Cream Dressing Prepare bananas as suggested for salads, and cover with Cream Dressing-Sweet. Cut boiled chestnuts in quarters and mix lightly with bananas and dressing. Serve in cups or on dainty china plates garnished with flowers or leaves.

Chestnut Purée-Whipped Cream

For luncheon, supper or dessert

Add sugar or honey with dairy or cocoanut cream and vanilla, to mashed chestnuts; heat, pile on dish with spoon in rocky form or force through vegetable press, and surround with whipped cream.

Vanilla or Raisin Chestnuts

Boil blanched, fresh or dried chestnuts until tender (fresh 15 m., dried, 3 hours). When almost tender, add sugar or honey to water and when the liquid is nearly boiled away, flavor with vanilla; finish in slow oven; serve as confection. Raisin pulp instead of vanilla is delightful.