Mint Fruit Salads

Oranges or grape fruit or apples with shredded mint and lemonade dressing (water omitted in first two) are the most delightfully refreshing of salads.

Nut and Banana Salad

Roll small peeled bananas in any of the sweetened cream dressings, then in chopped nuts. Serve on individual plates with a spoonful of dressing, with orange points and candied cranberries or cherries, or frosted currants for garnish.

Apple and Cranberry Salad

Grind ripe cranberries fine and mix with a liberal supply of one of the sweetened cream dressings. Prepare apple also with the dressing and place the two in high alternating diagonal rows on a platter with lettuce border; or prepared apples may be placed on the platter and spoonfuls of the cranberry dropped on top. Whole berries may dot the lettuce border.

Sweet Fruit and Cocoanut Salads

Fresh grated cocoanut in center of dish, border of black or red raspberries, blueberries, sliced or halved peaches or bananas, cream dressing-sweet or whipped cream dressing. No lettuce.

Oriental Salad

Grape fruit and oranges-mayonnaise. The dressing sometimes tinted delicately with pink and green or green only.

Peach Salad

Sprinkle shredded basil, tarragon or sassafras leaves over sliced or halved pared peaches and cover with lemon juice and sugar. Garnish or serve, with blanched almonds.

Or, serve peaches with cream dressing-sweet or whipped cream dressing in cups, with nuts.

Cooked Apple Salad

Dry, fresh or dried apple sauce, or baked whole or quarters of apples (all without sugar) cream dressing-sweet, nut, whipped sweet or sour cream, French or mayonnaise dressing. Serve decorated to taste.

Love Apple Salad

Whole peeled tomatoes in nests of lettuce, or with some leaf or flower garnish, with a cream, French or mayonnaise dressing.

Or, cut tomatoes into quarters or sixths from the blossom end just deep enough for the pieces to spread apart without separating.

Grape Fruit and Celery

Equal quantities of grape fruit and fine sliced celery with mayonnaise or improved mayonnaise dressing in grape fruit cups with edges cut in deep points and rolled down. Some green garnish.

Additional Fruit Salad Combinations

Apples-salad entrée dressing.

Apple and onion-roasted peanut, improved mayonnaise, French or whipped sour cream dressing.

Apples and cucumbers-Dominion salad dressing.

Apples, celery and a few raisins-one of the sweet dressings, garnish with blanched almonds.

Celery with apples or tomatoes or pineapple or apple and tomato, à la string bean and celery salad.

Peach and tomato with or without basil or tarragon.

Sweet apples alone and in combinations-almond butter dressing.

Tomato and banana-some sweet dressing.

Grape Fruit-French dressing on lettuce.

Tomato and grape fruit-lemon juice and sugar, or orange French dressing.

Red raspberries with currant juice.

Canned or fresh red raspberries-lemon juice or lemon juice and sugar.

Apples, celery and butternut meats-improved mayonnaise dressing.

Tomato and apple-honey French dressing.

Cumquots-Tom Thumb oranges, and Malaga grapes-fruit juice dressing.