Snow Salad. Cabbage

Add just as it is going to the table, whipped cream dressing, to 1 pt. of chopped crisp white cabbage. Some of the whipped cream may be left out of the dressing and dropped by spoonfuls on top of the salad.

Lavender or Pink Salad

Use purple or red cabbage in the place of white in snow salad. For luncheon, the cream mayonnaise dressing may be used.

Pink Salad No. 2

Coarse chopped red beets with whipped cream dressing. 1/3 fine cut celery improves the flavor.

Hot Slaw

2 eggs 2 level tablespns. sugar

1/3 cup lemon juice 1 level teaspn. salt

1 tablespn. oil or butter 1 good pint chopped cabbage

Beat eggs in the inner cup of a double boiler, pour slowly over them stirring, a boiling mixture of all the remaining ingredients except the cabbage; add the cabbage and cook until just creamy.

Serve at once.

Cold Slaw

Cool hot slaw, and just before serving, add 1/4 cup of cream, whipped. The slaw is excellent without the cream, however.

Cauliflower Salad

Serve flowerets of cauliflower, cooked according to directions, p. 246, masked with improved mayonnaise or with cream improved mayonnaise dressing on a bed of shredded lettuce in a border of lettuce leaves garnished with parsley or nasturtiums. Pass dressing.

Dominion or French Sam's Salad

Skim from a pan of thick sour milk, equal quantities of cream and milk. Beat lightly together and mix with nice crisp shredded lettuce and salt. I wish I could tell you how highly I prize this recipe. Try it.

English Salad

Tear in pieces with the ringers, nice crisp lettuce, mix with it a few leaves of shredded fresh mint, and pour English salad dressing over. Serve at once.

Spinach Leaf Salad

Select the tender inside leaves of spinach, wash well and serve with French or mayonnaise dressing or in almost any way that lettuce is used, the flavor of which they almost excel.

Salad la Russe, or Russian Salad

Combine as great a variety of starchless vegetables in different colors as convenient. Celery, onions, carrots, beets, green peas, red and green French beans and string beans make a good combination. Turnips, asparagus, cauliflower, chives and parsley may be used also, and some like a flavoring of celery seed.

Cut the larger vegetables into small pieces or dice, or into fancy shapes with vegetable cutters (the pieces left after cutting out the shapes with vegetable cutters may be chopped and used as the base of the salad, or for another salad or for soup); cut the string beans into diamond shapes and chop the onion very fine. Pile the lightly mixed vegetables in the center of a border of lettuce or spinach leaves; lay some of the brightest pieces on the top and pour French dressing over all.

Beet and Olive Salad

In the center of a platter with a lettuce or variegated beet leaf border, place marinated sliced or chopped beets. Surround the beets with roses of cream mayonnaise or mayonnaise cream with stoned ripe olives between.