1 1/4 qt. celery in inch 1 cup mushrooms in quarters slices or eighths

Cook celery and mushrooms separate and drain.

Sauce-1/4 cup oil and melted butter 1/4 - 1/2 cup chopped onion salt

3/4 cup flour

1 egg or yolk only

1 teaspn. chopped parsley

Simmer onion in oil and add flour, then boiling water to leave stiff (perhaps about 1 pt.); when smooth remove from fire, add salt, parsley and beaten egg. Use liquid drained from celery and mushrooms with water in the sauce. Put layers of sauce, cooked celery and mushrooms in baking dish with sauce on top. Sprinkle with crumbs or corn meal, heat and brown in oven. A little garlic may be used and sometimes a small quantity of cream with a very little strained tomato in the sauce.

Young Lima Beans à la Crême

Cook young tender Lima beans and use in place of celery and mushrooms in above.

Asparagus Tips à la Créme

Use cooked asparagus tips with the heads sticking up out of the cream a little, instead of celery and mushrooms, in Celery and Mushrooms à la Créme.

Oyster Plant and Mushrooms à la Créme

Cook sliced oyster plant (large slices cut in quarters) not too soft in a small quantity of water. Drain and use in place of trumese in Trumese and Mushrooms à la Créme, of Trumese Dishes, using oyster plant liquor instead of water in the sauce.

Macaroni and Mushrooms à la Créme

Use one of the smaller varieties of macaroni, one that will make the desired size when cooked, in place of trumese in Trumese and Mushrooms à la Créme, of Trumese Dishes.